Guide to Perform Exchange online backup


EdbMails  Exchange backup tool   provides an  easiest way to backup Exchange Mailboxes to its users.   The  tool plays a vital role in proving additional protection for your backup data.

Guide to Perform Exchange mail backup :

To backup your Exchange mailboxes, the application prompts an Exchange Server Login window.

After login , you can  see list of mailboxes. If any maiboses are missing in the list, you can generate a CSV file which will have all the list of mailboxes, using power shell command and load the generated .csv file.   Click Continue button to further process.

Now you can see all the mailboxes. You just need to select mailboxes and the backup location. And choose ‘Backup using AES 256-bit Private Encryption Key based Encryption’ option to continue and verify the mailboxes once again and hit the ‘Backup  Live Exchange Server Now’ button.

If you want to restore the Backed up file, Click the Restore button and select the option from the menu. and load your file.

And click the ‘Connected to Target Server for Restore’ button to continue. Enter your destination Exchange server credentials  and select the mailbox/es which you wish to restore and Click the ‘Continue’ button.

Filter selection and data integrity

Exchange backup  is helpful with respect to giving specific data backup from Exchange server . The application provides an  Include/Exclude alternative, which  helpful for sparing data.

Most Convenient and brisk backup tool

EdbMails Exchange  backup software is an excellent option for those with extraordinary email-activities, as it can rapidly backup your account all its data locally. It has an intuitive  GUI and simple to pursue steps, which enables a wide range of clients to easily utilize  and can backup Exchange mailbox to Encrypted file.

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